Friday, July 12, 2013

WOW!!!  I am the WORST BLOGGER E.V.E.R.!!!  Well, I guess it really isn't ALL my fault!  I moved into a brand new classroom, in a brand new grade level and then mid way through September I found out I was pregnant!  YIKES!  Talk about a busy year!   

Lily Kate - Seriously? How cute is she?!

I made it through that year, and through my first teacher/mommy year (not easy!) and am back for round three in Kindergarten!  I'm still learning the fine art of balancing being a good teacher and still have energy for mommy-hood.  Here is a little picture at my beautiful princess just in case you needed a cute fix! :) 

My ever talented mother was able to make this super monkey themed curtain for me to hang under my sink.  Last year I had some curious littles who enjoyed crawling under there.  I'm hoping the curtain might stop that behavior a wee bit?  She was even able to make a curtain for my door!

I found this great set of cards somewhere on TPT (sorry I can't remember where) and was able to make this sign.  It really helps out our Special Education team as my school is H.U.G.E. and they often end up having to run around the building to find us!  I glued the paper cards that I printed onto black construction paper, laminated everything and added some velcro.  Hopefully it's helpful.

Well that's enough for one night, I will be in and out of school over the summer doing a little bit at a time.  


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